Sustainable urban development

When it comes to working with sustainable urban development… 

…our experts at Downtown Advisors have many years of experience on which to draw.
With our unique competence from national, regional and local levels, we understand the challenges you may face when working with real estate and property development, we can identify your needs, analyze the situation, and present tangible solutions in order to achieve the best business benefit for you.

We can advise you on how to move forward with development and zoning plans as well as building permits. We have extensive knowledge of managing municipal bureaucracy and can help you get your project over the finish line.

Our advisors have great personal commitment to our clients and projects. We do not take on competing assignments or assignments that we do not believe in. Public Affairs is seldom a “quick fix” and we prefer to work with longer relationship-building assignments, although we do take on some shorter development projects.

We value good customer relations, high quality, and our ability to increase the business benefit to you.

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