Transportation and mobility

Effective and sustainable transports are essential for modern cities and countries,

enabling people to get to work and pick up children from school, and for goods to reach the factory or the store.
Well-functioning transports systems create strong economies and help create modern and attractive cities but the way we travel and transport goods between countries, cities and people is changing.

Governments and regions have set goals to lower the impact transportation has on the climate, this in turn impacts the political regulations for all forms of transportation.

As the global demand for mobility increases, political decision-makers need to adapt and to develop conditions under which transportation systems can help cities become dynamic, attractive and a center for economic growth.

At Downtown Advisors, we have extensive knowledge of policy development in the fields of rail, air, road and sea transport. We help companies understand the wanted development, the interests of national, regional and local decision-makers and how it will impact the business conditions. We support clients in establishing business in Sweden, securing business interests and managing stakeholder relations.

Our senior advisors have a proven track record of supporting several winning companies in large public procurements.

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