We want to create attractive, modern and sustainable cities.

Therefore, sustainability and circular economy are two obvious dimensions in our business.

We know that the transition to a circular economy is necessary for us to cope with climate change, and this applies not least in the sectors of Urban development and Transport.

We value working with others who want to contribute to a green transition and who can present creative solutions to today’s societal challenges.

Public Affairs

At Downtown Advisors, we are experts in Public Affairs and specialize in the fields of urban development, transportation and mobility policy.

Sustainable urban development

With our unique competence from national, regional and local levels, we understand the challenges you may face when working with real estate and property development.

Transportation and Mobility

At Downtown Advisors, we have extensive knowledge of policy development in the fields of rail, air, road and sea transport.

Strategic Communication

Our advisors have extensive experience in strategic and political communication and can help you with everything from launching your brand to developing long-term communication strategies.

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