The team

Our team of experts!

Petter Lindfors

CEO & Founding Partner
+46 70 193 78 00

Petter successfully ran the Public Affairs agencies The Labyrinth and Hegeli. He has been working with complicated advise regarding planning and zoning processes for several clients. Petter has been active at higher political levels within the Moderate Party. For ten years, he mainly worked with urban development and infrastructure in the City of Stockholm. As chairman of the Development Committee, he was outermost responsible for land development issues in the city. In addition, Petter also has a background as a political officer in the City of Solna and Järfälla and in Region Stockholm.

Christian Holm Barenfeld

+46 70 621 08 21

Christian has been working as public affairs advisor for the last two years. His responsibilities have mainly been international advisory and urban development issues on local level.
Christian has a background as Member of Parliament for the Moderate Party between 2006-2018 and is since many years serving as member of the city council and the executive board of the City of Karlstad. In Parliament, he mainly served in the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Mikael Skoog

Managing Partner Öresund
+46 72 050 50 20

Mikael is responsible for Downtown Advisor’s office in Öresund. Mikael has five years of experience from Public Affairs operations, first at Hegeli and then The Labyrinth in the Öresund region. Through his commitment, Mikael has built up the business to be a relevant party for companies that need support in decision-making processes. Prior to that, Mikael worked for more than 25 years in municipal politics for the Social Democrats in Helsingborg. Mikael has a very broad network among politicians in Skåne County – not least from his roles as vice chairman of the municipal board, Member of the Öresund Committee and Member of the Association of Local Authorities in Skåne. He has also been active in the union IF Metall.

Nils Löwenspets

Senior Consultant
+46 70 193 79 00

Nils has a degree in Architecture from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and has extensive experience from higher political levels within the Moderate Party. He worked for six years in Stockholm City Hall as a political advisor to the Deputy Mayor responsible for City planning and possesses a great knowledge in the area of Urban Development. The last five years he has been a Public Affairs advisor, mainly in the areas of City planning and Infrastructure. He was previously partner at Nordic Public Affairs.

Sofia Jöngren

Senior Consultant
+46 73 932 53 32

Sofia has extensive political experience from various levels. Most recently, she held a position as Chief of Staff for the Center Party in the Stockholm Region, where she mainly worked with issues relating to regional planning, growth, infrastructure, and county plans. Prior to that, she worked as a political expert for the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for eight years.

Sofia has served on the board of both Stångåstaden AB, the municipal housing company in Linköping, and of Stockholm Business Region. She has also worked in the Parliament and for periods she has been editorial writer for Södermanlands Nyheter, Norrtelje Tidning and Hudiksvall Tidning.

Hanna Rosén

Public Affairs Manager
+46 73 823 31 01

Hanna is an advisor at our office in Gothenburg. She has previously been Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications manager at the Green Party in Western Sweden and worked strategically with social media and digital influence. Hanna has extensive political experience from Gothenburg and other parts of western Sweden, including as vice chairman of Property Management Committee in Gothenburg and member of the Municipal Board in Borås. She has also served on the board of Bostadsbolaget AB, a municipal housing company in Gothenburg.

Mats Svanberg

Senior Advisor
+46 70 595 55 77

Mats has a solid background within politics. He has, among other things, held positions as Deputy Mayor of the City of Malmö, Chief of staff and Political secretary for the Moderate Party. Furthermore, he has been Member of the Municipal Board of Malmö, the Board of the Public utility housing association of Malmö, and the Lay board of the County Administrative Board. Mats has also been chairman of the southwestern healthcare district within Region Skåne. Previously, Mats was a senior consultant, vice president and Scandinavian manager for Ehrenberg Communication.

Anna Nörby Gennerud

Senior Consultant
+46 76 536 33 03

Anna is a communications consultant with many years of experience from both the organizational world and from a PR agency. Anna has a broad competence in issues related to PR, communication and formin of opinion. Most recently, she came from the role of Political secretary for the Liberal Party in Botkyrka. Anna has a strong commitment to issues related to community development, psychology and mental health and has, among other things, started and is a producer for her own podcast. Anna has studied the PR and information program at Mid Sweden University and is now furthering her education as a certified conversational therapist (step 1 with a foundation in psychosynthesis).

Philippa Broom OBE

Senior Advisor

Philippa Broom is an extremely experienced and well-connected international relations and public affairs specialist. She has an extensive cross-party political network in Westminster, the UK devolved governments, EU member states and across the world. Philippa served for 12 years as International Director for the UK Conservative Party and has provided strategic analysis and advice to No 10, Cabinet Ministers, and elected representatives throughout the UK. Whilst an elected councillor, she chaired her council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee for 7 years, and has an in-depth understanding of how local government functions in the UK. In 2018 she was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Honour List for public and political service.

Anna Palm

Senior Advisor
+46 70 823 39 41

Anna has three decades of experience as in local politics, in the Building Committee, Technical Services Committee and Childcare and Education Committee as well as the Municipal Executive Committee and Municipal Assembly. She was active in Danderyd municipality for 15 years and in Höör municipality for 20 years, eight of which as Deputy Mayor.

Anna is self-employed and has a large network in both politics, the public sector and business throughout Sweden, but preferably in Skåne. She has been a member of the local federation in Skåne, the Regional Assembly and an advisor at NyföretagarCentrum Öresund.

Sebastian Hasselström

Junior Consultant
+46 73 839 49 00

Sebastian works part-time as a junior consultant at Downtown Advisors while studying law at Karlstad University. Also, he has a Degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in history. Sebastian has a background within the Moderate Party and the Moderate Youth League. He has experience, among other things, from political assignments in Karlstad municipality and has been a member of the National Board of Appeal for Student Aid.

Teodor Johansson

Junior Consultant
+46 70 936 86 71

Teodor works part-time as junior consultant while studying the Bachelor’s program in Politics at Linköping University. Teodor has a background within the Moderate Youth Leauge and the Moderate Party. Teodor also holds positions in both the Municipal Council and Committee member in Ödeshög. Teodor has previous experience in research and report writing as well as experience from Svenskt Näringsliv.